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About Bass Anglers Federation:

The Bass Anglers Federation (BAF) is a bass fishing club that is affiliated with the TBF. The Bass Federation is a grass roots organization that is a great way to get yourself to the BFL All -American, the Major League Fishing Big 5, and a berth into the Major League Fishing BIG 5 Pro Series, and more. The winning boater receives a “Living YOUR Dream prize package” worth $125,000, and the winning Co-Angler receives $20,000 and advancement spots into the BFL All -American, and Major League Fishing Big 5.

BAF is a group of anglers that enjoy the competitive nature of fishing and the camaraderie of the other anglers in the group. This club has a good mix of competitiveness and good humor fun all mixed into one. To become a member of the club you must show interest in the club and want to participate in the events and meetings held every month. There is no probationary period for Bass Anglers Federation but you can at any time be voted out for not participating or rule violations on a regular basis. To be in good standing with the club members must fish at least 4 events through-out the year.

Membership Dues:

Annual dues will be collected every January of the new year. BAF club dues are $30.00 plus TBF Membership which is $55 and are to be paid to the Treasurer. If dues are not collected by the February tournament then that member will not be allowed to participate. The member will not be in good standing and placed on probation until the dues are paid. Club fees go towards awards for the year and permit fees for the tournaments. Any remaining funds will be dispersed either in championship funds or prizes or an end of the year party. Dues are never used for personal gain.

TBF dues are $55, $5 of which goes to the Nevada Bass Federation, and $50 goes to The Bass Federation for your TBF membership. TBF membership includes many types of benefits and discounts.


The club will hold 12 tournaments a year. The points season will begin in January and end in December. During our point tournaments an angler will be able to throw away 2 of their lowest scores.

The year end points leader (AOY) for both Boater and Co-Angler will be determined by their best 10 of 12 points tournaments.

The sites for the tournaments will be decided in the December meeting of every year. It is highly recommended that every member attends this meeting so they can vote on the dates for the upcoming fishing season. Once the dates are set, they are final. Only the Board Members may allow for a date change if an unforeseen circumstance arises.

How to Join:

Joining Bass Anglers Federation is easy. You do not need a boat to join, you will be paired with a boater. Just come to one of the monthly meetings or call one of the officers listed below. The meetings are being done Virtually using the ZOOM App. Text messages will be sent to members in advance of the meeting. Meeting ID and Passcode will be needed. Meetings are held monthly on the first Thursday of the month @ 6:00 pm.

What else we do:

Our club does several youth and conservation events thought the year. We want to give back to the sport that has given us so much enjoyment. We have helped the Nevada Department of Wildlife build fish habitat on Lake Mohave.

Our club also has information on TBF State team Qualifiers and the High School/Junior program for younger anglers. If you are interested in fishing either of these please contact:

TBF Qualifiers Contact:

Steve Heck

TBF High School/Junior Program:

Corey Williams

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