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Club meetings are held the first Thursday of every month via the Zoom App.

The club meeting is run by the current president of the club unless he or she is unable to attend, in which case they would ask someone to fill in for them which would be usually be the tournament director.

Topics discussed in the club meeting range from upcoming tournaments that the club needs to schedule and submit permits. Many other topics will be discussed which is moderated by the officer handling the club meeting that month. Members attending the meeting will get to vote any decisions that need to be made.

The results of the last tournament will be announced congratulating the winners. The tournament director (TD) will also go over any issues or concerns that happened at that event. The TD will also go over the next scheduled event and announce any changes or important information that the members need to be aware of. The TD will provide information to everyone as to when the draw will be, approximate time launch at safelight will be, what time to be at the launch so signups and paperwork can be completed.

The Treasurer of the club will go over the financial status of the club by providing a statement and going over any revenue and expenses that club may have had since the last club meeting.

There is also a chance for members to bring up anything they would like to discuss in a open forum part of the meeting. At times these topics will be added to a future meetings to be discussed and if decisions are to be made the members will vote on during these meetings.

In an effort to encourage as many members to attend club meetings each member who attends is awarded 2 points which are added to their Angler of Year points total. Two points may not sound like very much but over the course of the year that could be 24 points which might make the difference between winning or losing the Angler of Year award.

The club meetings are being held through "The Zoom App" which you can use through your desktop computer or on your mobile phone.

The Zoom Meeting ID is: 880 7707 2090

The password: baf2022

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