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How to Join

Joining Bass Anglers is easy. You do not need a boat to join, you will be paired with one of the boaters. Just come to one of the monthly meetings or call one of the officers listed on the "Contact us" page. There is a membership form to fill out which includes a liability waiver.

The meetings are being done virtually using the ZOOM App. Facebooks posts will be created to remind everyone of meeting and the meeting ID and passcode for Zoom. Meetings are held monthly on the first Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm.

Club dues are $30 annually to fish the club tournaments. You do need to be a member of the TBF also. If you sign up through us for the TBF it's cheaper than going through the MLF and it increases our membership for really nice raffle prizes from TBF.

Club Dues: $30

TBF Membership: $50 (includes MLF)

Nevada Bass Federation: $5

Total Membership Fees: $85

We have 12 tournaments per year including 11 regular season and a 2 day championship in November. The December tournament will be a fundraiser for next years permits and club party and first place will take home a cash prize TBD. You do not need a boat to participate. You can fish as a non-boater and will be paired up with a boat owner at the club meeting.

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